Tietoa lipunmyynnistä HJK:n kannattajille Göteborgissa

HJK kohtaa IFK Göterborgin ensi torstaina 28.7. Gamla Ullevilla Göteborgissa kello 19.00 Ruotsin aikaa. Klubin kannattajia on matkustamassa otteluun sankonin joukoin.

Tässä Göteborgista saamamme tiedote HJK:n kannattajien lipun myynnistä.

The Stadium

Name: Gamla Ullevi
Built: 2009
Capacity: about 14.000 in UEFA (without the stands, G/I and A/O).
Visiting section: B4, a total of approximately 330 seats.

Visiting supporters entrance

Visiting supporters enter the stadium through Gate 1, at the south end of the stadium. You’ll pass an outer security check where you’ll show your tickets, then the body search and finally the gates where the tickets are automatically scanned.

Tickets for visiting supporters

Easiest way of getting tickets, is buying in advance over our webpage.
Price adult (includes service charge): 120 SEK.
Price youth (4-18 years, includes service charge): 60 SEK.
Tickets will also be sold at a ticket booth at the outer security check of Gate 1. Both cash (SEK only) and credit card are accepted. We recommend bringing 120/60 SEK cash in an even amount, since that makes entering the stadium faster (you’ll find ATM:s/minibanks here). The gates will open at 17:30.