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Here you can buy season tickets and match tickets for the HJK men’s team’s, HJK women’s team and men’s second team home matches for season 2021 –

HJK Kausikortti 2021

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Season ticket prices

Klubipääty (South End) €105
East Stand €175
Main Stand €295

HJK Season Ticket includes:

  • All Veikkausliiga matches in your own chair
  • Finnish Cup match tickets -50% of normal price
  • From HJK Shop -20% discount (excl. EA Sports games, including FIFA20)
  • Pre-game show in Klubipääty! Before the match in the Klubipääty interviews and other pre-game program. Access with all season tickets.
  • Other benefits of the partners that will increase during the period. See here»

Ticket prices for Veikkausliiga matches

Main Stand Adult€30€35
Main Stand child 4-15 yr.€5€5
Main Stand discount groups€20€25
Upper Stand Adult€20€25
Upper Stand Child 4-15 v.€5€5
Upper Stand discount groups€10€15
East Stand Adult€20€25
East Stand Child 4-15 v.€5€5
East Stand Discount Groups€10€15
Klubipääty Adult€10€15
Klubipääty Child 4-15 yr.€5€5
Klubipääty Discount Groups€8€13
Wheelchair (Main Stand)€10€15

Discount Groups: Seniors, students, conscripts, unemployed

General terms and conditions for spectators in matches

By purchasing tickets and by entering a match, you agree to be bound by the general terms and conditions that have been made to ensure the comfort and safety of your football game presence.

Failure to comply with or breach of contract terms may result in compensation or punishment measures under the terms.

The terms of the contract apply to all matches held by HJK.

General terms and Conditions

1. General principles

1.1 The presence of a football match has the right to expect that everything has been done to ensure their comfort and safety.

1.2 Failure or breach of contractual terms may result in compensation or punishment measures under the terms.

2. Scope of application

2.1 Football matches (‘ match ‘) means all football match events organised by Veikkausliiga clubs. A match event is a public event that ends when the opportunity has ended and the audience has left the area.

2.2 By arriving in the stadium area, the person agrees to the following damages or punishment measures for breach of the terms.

3. General terms

3.1.1 The match event must behave in a truthful manner and unreasonably disturbing others. It is absolutely desirable and permissible to support the players who are playing the game aloud.

3.1.2 Any racism or racist behaviour and discrimination shall be prohibited.

3.1.3 Any abusive conduct against any player, team background, referee, supplier or spectators is prohibited.

3.1.4 The security area of the football field is four metres from the side border and three to five metres from the end border. Disruptive behaviour and the stay of spectators in the security area is prohibited.

3.1.5 viewers are not allowed to run from the grandstand towards the playing field and do not go to the playing field during the match event.

3.1.6 in a football match or in the immediate vicinity of a match place shall not be held or brought into

(a) Intoxicating substances
(b) Firearms or cartridges
(c) Explosive substances or explosives;
(d) Blades or percussion weapons (e) Fireworks, torchons or smoke
(f) Laser pens or similar powerful light-output devices or other objects or substances capable of threatening another’s life or health or posing a risk to the order and safety of a match event;
(g) Posters or banners that are political, racist or otherwise offensive;

3.1.7 Football match is forbidden

A) be distractively intoxicated
(b) Otherwise cause interference or endanger safety

4. Compensation and punishment measures

4.1 By breaking the general terms and conditions, the person undertakes to compensate the event organiser and the guest team for the same financial damage up to EUR 5.000.

4.1.1. Economic damage means the fines received by the event organiser or by the club’s football umbrella organisations, as well as the costs incurred in repairing the bout stadium, or Additional safety costs. Damage to external persons is also recoverable.

4.2 The Vigilante has the right to remove a person from the match and to take the person’s information as recorded in the law and to prevent a person from entering the stadium area

(a) If a person breaches the above conditions
(b) If, on the basis of a person’s previous conduct, there is reason to suspect a risk of order and
(c) If the person’s control is found in the context of the entrance checks, the objects or substances listed in 3.1.6 (a) to (g)

4.2.1. Where removal is apparently an inadequate measure and no interference or danger can otherwise be eliminated, the Administrator shall be entitled to catch the person if the attachment is necessary for other persons or property Serious risk. Promptly handed over to the police.

4.3 The organiser of the event is not obliged to reimburse any refund of the ticket or the price of the season pass that has been blocked, removed or affixed to the person.

Recent terms and conditions are verifiable from the Betting League page: General terms and conditions»

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