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We want to guarantee sports editors the best possible facilities to work undisturbed. That is why accreditation is required in all HJK’s home games. An accepted accreditation is always acknowledged in writing or orally.

HJK has the right to choose the accredited persons. We cannot necessarily guarantee an accepted accredition to everyone who requests it.


Rules for media

Media entrance to Bolt Arena is the door signed “MEDIA” (Urheilukatu 5, street level). Be prepared for a security check and to present your press card and I.D.

There is a separate work space reserved for media at the stadium. Writing editors have a special media stand in connection with the upper terrace. Photographers have been reserved their own work spaces on the pitch level.

Media persons have to stay in their allotted work places. Photographers are not allowed to leave the pitch level and go to a stand. Press cards only allow a stay in the media stand or in seats that are specifically marked for media.

Post-game player interviews are conducted at the Mixed Zone downstairs. Press conference is held near the Mixed Zone in a separate room.

All player interview requests via HJK Media:
HJK Media
+358 44 029 6829

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