Foodora Winter Party

Welcome to Bolt Arena to spend an unforgettable Foodora Winter party on the 24th of November. 

Foodora Winter Party

Schedule for the day
10.00 Registration opens
11.00-13.00 Lunch (you can also work from here if you wish)
13.00-16.15 Football tournament 
15.00-18.00 Sauna (separate for men and women)

Schedule for the evening
18.00 Welcome words – evening program
18.15-21.00 Dinner
20.30 Award ceremony
21.00-23.00 Artists
23.00-00.00 Transportation to the after party at Wallis 

After party is self-paid. Transportation and entrance are free of charge. 

Lunch menu 11.00-13.00
Served at the restaurant
Green salad with watermelon and pink grapefruit vinaigrette G D V
Kvinoa with root vegetables G D V
Cauliflower, seeds & pickled red onion G D V
Roasted chicken & thai basil pesto G L
Roasted tofu & soy sesame oil glace G D V

Soft drinks

Snacks 12.00-18.00 
Chips, Elovena snack bars, nuts served in the changing rooms 
Soft drinks, coffee, tea, hot chocolate served at the restaurant bar

Dinner menu 18.15-21.00 
Served at the restaurant
kot. ORIGINAL chicken burgers  
kot. LEMONPEPPER chicken wings  L
kot. FRIES  L G
Pickled vegetables D G V 
Green salad D G V

Pink Long Drink, Cranberry Long Drink, cider, wines, beer, soft drinks

Raspberry white chocolate panna cotta 
Pink donuts
Pink cookies

Coffee, tea

Gluten free and vegan dishes also available, please ask more from the staff

G = Gluten free
L = Lactose free
D = Dairy free
V = Vegan



Urheilukatu 5, Bolt Arena

Entrance to Bolt Arena is from the main stand doors which are located in the middle of the arena. There are signs ”PÄÄKATSOMO” (gate 1) above the entrance doors. At the entrance you will receive your game uniform (t-shirt, shorts + socks) if you have requested one. Same entrance is used during the day and evening program. 

Football tournament

The games are played on ¼ sized football pitches with 6 vs. 6 teams (goalie + 5 players). Each game will last 15 minutes. There will be eight teams competing against each other. The teams are divided into two groups and the best two teams of each group will move on to the semi-finals. The final game is played between the best two teams of the semi-finals.

Football boots and shin pads are a bonus if you own a pair but not required. The tournament is played outside so dress yourself according to the weather. Base layers are encouraged! 

The tournament program is updated during the day and can be found here: 

Three changing rooms are in use during the whole day. Saunas are warm from 15.00 onwards. We have three saunas and changing rooms. One is for ladies, one for gents and one is mixed for everyone so please wear swimsuits there. 

Cheerleaders are also encouraged to join to watch the tournament. Warm drinks and snacks are offered during the games.


Check your team here: 

Item storage

You can store your bags at Bolt Arena during the night as well. The pick up of the items is from the entrance hall on Friday 25th of November at 10-12 o’clock. All the items that are wished to be stored at Bolt Arena during the night need to be left at the entrance hall by the end of the evening.